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tmr beer ape logo video inside post Here at TMR we strive to bring you only the best in men’s entertainment. We constantly add new writers, partners and features to make sure our readers are only getting the best in men’s entertainment. With this objective in mind we are very excited to announce our next big feature.     

Anheuser Busch has invited TMR to join them on their “Bud Light Party Cruise”. TMR will be aboard to cover AB’s voyage departing from Miami and floating through the Caribbean Halloween weekend. The Party Cruise will also stop on a private Caribbean Island for a private concert by some great bands to be named later (I know but I just can’t tell you yet).

Don’t assume that we are tagging along just to sit on the beach and drink our fill of Bud Light. AB is putting us to work this weekend. The original idea was for TMR to blog live from the boat. This idea has blossomed and now we will be video blogging live from the world’s biggest floating beer bash.

Next weekend you will start seeing posts with our drinking gorilla logo, along with this video inside post icon letting you know the post has TMR original video content inside. You can also subscribe to TMR’s YouTube Channel to get email alerts when new video is posted. We feel this is just the tip of the iceberg and we will be bringing you more new original video content.

Our new original content will also have our new splash screen as an introduction.

Stay tuned!