Bud Light Party Cruise Recap: The Rachelle Leah Interview

video inside post  I have had the honor of attending what I can only describe as the largest floating party ever thrown. Bud Light recently loaded up two Royal Caribbean cruise ships and took a small army of Bud Light faithful on a 4 day Caribbean junket.

Think of the logistics of pulling off a 5,000 person party. Now add to that multiple locations, sleeping arrangements, food and of course beer. Bud Light was able to pull it off and pull it off well. The food was over the top great and the ice cold Bud Light was flowing in it’s bright blue aluminum bottles.

Keeping 5,000 people entertained is no easy feat either. The ship’s cruise director did a great job making sure there was something for all tastes on the boat. From calypso bands to world class club DJs on the boat’s deck, the action never stopped.

As you are reading this you are probably saying to yourself “sounds like a pretty fun time. ‘ Pretty fun time is an understatement because we are just scratching the surface.

Add to the for mentioned activities UFC Host and November Playboy cover girl Rachelle Leah on board along with The All American Rejects, Barenaked Ladies and OAR playing a live show on a private island and you have the makings for one of the best parties I have ever seen in my life.

These cruises are quickly becoming legendary the internet chatter around this one was pretty intense. People wanted to buy their way on the ship, it could not be done. No amount of money could get you one board; you had to win it to be in it. Think Willie Wonka’s golden ticket with beer.

Over the next few weeks I am going to touch upon different days and events of the weekend with pictures, video and a few strokes of my keyboard. Today I would like to take you to day one of the cruise and my interview with Rachelle Leah.

TMR: So Rachelle what is next with you?

Rachelle: We’ve got UFC 91 coming up I am super excited about that. Things have been crazy, I have a movie coming out in 2009 called “The Bleeding” with Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Armand Assante it’s an action\thriller.

TMR: That’s a heavy duty cast.

Rachelle: Yeah; it’s a great cast and I got the female lead so I am pretty stoked about that. I get to do a little ass kicking in it so it is exciting.

TMR: Did hanging and watching all of that UFC action prepare you for the fight scenes?

Rachelle: I box for workouts so physically the things I had to do were not that chalenging but choreographing the scenes is hard. Fake punching someone is difficult. The stunts were fun. Other than that I just got done hosting the UFC video game which has a huge hype around it.

TMR: Do you have a specialty move or a power move in the game?

Rachelle: No, I am actually hosting it. What I host is a special mode where it lets you unlock parts of the game. You actually have to reenact a historical fight. Instead of just having one of the fighters beat the other one up, you have to play the game as the fight actually took place. To win that level and unlock the next section of the video game. It is really challenging.

TMR: What gamming platform will the game be on?

Rachelle: UFC: Tapout 2will be available on XBOX 360 and PlaysStation 3

TMR: Thanks you so much for your time we will be watching for you in The Bleeding, UFC 91, UFC Tapout 2 and of course the November issue of Playboy.