TMR DVD Review “WU – The Story of the WU Tang Clan”

video inside post WuTang have become part of the American lexicon. These 9 guy mostly from the forgotten NYC burrow of Staten Island were thrown together to make music in the early 90’s. For those of you unfamiliar with Wu Tang do not categorize them with the manufactured band of the time like NSYNC or Backstreet Boys.

Wu Tang is real deal gangster rap. With anthems like “WuTang Clan Are Nothing To Fuck With “ and “Protect Ya Neck” it is not only easy to separate them from commercial performers of their era but even other rappers. This is all documented in their new DVD “WU – The Story of the WU Tang Clan”

“WU” is Directed and filmed by Gerald Barclay who filmed the first WU Tang music videos and had very early access to the band. Thou the early footage gives us insight to the beginnings of the band some of it is grainy with horrible sound quality.

The early concert shots all have a one camera hand held feel. As the film cuts from decade to decade the difference in the audio mix is very apparent. The original audio is sometimes distorted where as the bass in the movie’s edit is skull shattering.

While entertaining the movie never digs in to the real story of the Wu Tang clan. You walk away from the movie feeling like there is one more layer of the onion that needs to be peeled back. There is something missing. It is like that feeling I get when I talk to one of my kids and I know I am not getting the whole story.

Even when discussing founding WU Tang member Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s drug use ex road manager Popa Wu glosses over what drugs ODB was using even thou it is public record ODB was arrested for cocaine. Never are Wu Tangs beefs with other rappers mentioned not the widly written about rift with 50 Cent or Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s televised dis of P Diddy live at the Grammys.

There is something missing here. While entertaining this film does not give you in insider’s view to the world of rap or the world of Wu. Maybe out of respect maybe out of fear but I get the feeling the real story of The Wu Tang Clan is yet to be told.

If you are a hardcore Wu fan this is a must have, for a hardcore rap fan a must rent. If you are a music fan looking for a little insight on the NYC rap scene, keep looking.