Marvin Harrison Allegedly Involved in Shooting

dead eyeLet’s play a game… sit back and think of the one name in the NFL you’d never think you’d hear followed by the words “involved in shooting.” My first guess would be Marvin Harrison. Yours should be too.

Anthony Gargano, from WIP Sports Radio in Philadelphia, is reporting that Colts’ wide receiver Marvin Harrison is involved in a shooting at “Playmakers”, a bar that he owns in Philadelphia. The incident is apparently related to a report that a customer had to be physically removed from the establishment. No one has been arrested in connection with this incident as of yet as police are hoping that eye-witnesses come forward. There is apparently at least one spectator who did see Harrison himself fire the weapon.

The gun used in this incident was one of 25 registered in Harrison’s name… a custom piece capable of firing 50 caliber bullets. Yes, this is the same player known to be shy and often seen sitting quietly by himself at the end of the Colts’ bench during games.

I’m sure more details will immediately follow, we’ll stay on top of this one.