TMR Movie Review – Iron Man

Iron Man is the must see movie of the summer. It is refreshing to have a departure from the sickeningly sweet Toby McGuire and the Spiderman franchise. A lot of these graphic novels are hitting their 3rd,4th and in some cases 6th big screen adaptations. The dilution of these stories is causing a lot of license to being taken with the personas of these heroes. The campy punch lines and bad acting has ruined a lot of movies that on the drawing board had a lot of potential.

Further ruining this genre is the over use of CGI and animation. CGI should accent a movie not be a crutch for its production. This over use of CGI forces you to sit through not a fantasy film, but an insult to your intelligence.

Iron Man doesn’t take too many liberties with your imagination. The movie leans more to the SciFi camp than the fantasy world. Of course a man in a flying metal suit is a stretch for the imagination. The storyline isn’t .

Unlike the Xmen, Spiderman and Fantastic 4 series there are no boogiemen or green gremlins to battle. There is no radioactive goo that turns girls invisible. I don’t want to get to off topic but how stupid is it to cast one of the hottest girls in Hollywood to be invisible? Were they tied of covering hot girls in blue paint?

There is no blue or green nemesis in Iron Man. The villains are believable characters played fantastic actors. Faran Tahir is a perfect choice for a bad ass for Iron Man to battle. His character is pure evil and his acting is superb. Faran isn’t the only great performance Jeff Bridge is fantastic as is Oscar winner Robert Downey Jr.

Set in modern day this story about an arms dealer never gets political or preachy. The movie’s only goal is to entertain not teach and it is an entertaining movie. Expect lots of explosions and great fight scenes. The movie is punched up with a bit of humor but never gets sappy or stupid.

This is a must see on the big screen don’t wait for DVD.