Story of the Year: Our Time Is Now (Two Years in the Life of…)

Story of the Year Our Time Is NowImage Entertainment presents Story of the Year: Our Time Is Now (Two Years in the Life of…) DVD hitting stores on May 13th! In January of 2005, after nearly two years of touring, Story of the Year headed back in to the studio to write and record their second full-length album.

By that summer, they had completed what proved to be a more focused, mature record, representing a new level of musicianship and songwriting for the band. They called it In The Wake Of Determination. Immediately after finishing, they began touring in support of the record, which was released in October of 2005. Touring for In The Wake Of Determination brought Story of the Year to new fans, new places, and some of the biggest, most intense crowds to date. As always, cameras rolled and captured the experiences along the way.

Our Time Is Now is the story of those two years. It’s a two-part feature including a never-before-seen look into the band’s writing and recording process, and a home video style documentary of life on the road.

• Making of In The Wake Of Determination
• Deleted Scenes
• “We Don’t Care Anymore” Making the video
• “We Don’t Care Anymore” Music video
• “Take Me Back” Making the video
• “Take Me Back” Music video
• Trailer

Story of the Year is currently on a world tour and will be performing on the entire Warped Tour this summer, so be sure to check them out!