This Week On XBLA Wednesday: Aces of The Galaxy, Roogoo

Aces of the Galaxy in action A new week and a new batch of downloadable games for the Xbox Live Arcade. In this weeks offering we have Sierra Online’s Aces of Galaxy (see picture) and SouthPeak’s Roogoo.

A tried and true style arcade space shooter, Aces of Galaxy gives the player the option to go it alone
or team up with a friend for some two player co-op action, both locally and online. The main hook is the ability to slow down time in mid-dogfight.

Roogoo is a puzzle game that features rainbows, teddy bears, platforms and meteors, so umm better to focus on the Aces.

Both games will be available this Wednesday, June 4th, 2008, at $10 (800 Microsoft Point) each.