TMR Zoo Hidden Gem: Kate del Castillo

total hotnessWelcome to the first edition of the very latest site feature: The TMR Zoo Hidden Gem. With this new feature we hope to introduce you to a lesser-known actress from an upcoming DVD or theatrical release… who has much to offer our readers.

I had no idea our first Hidden Gem even existed until the PR machine started up for the DVD release of Under the Same Moon. I’m glad I ran across this little hottie, and you will be too as you scroll down the page. Leading off for the Hidden Gem team is Kate del Castillo. Kate will be featured in the June 17th DVD release of Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna). You can enter the TMR Zoo Under the Same moon giveaway here and get more information at the Under the Same Moon Official Site

Check out IMDB for Kate’s Bio, then scroll below to check out her bikini-clad frolic on the shores of Miami. I have no idea how this body has not gone mainstream yet. Can you say perfect? You probably won’t be able to say much with all that drool running down your chin.

And for our finale… a table dance.


If this hasn’t convinced you to check out Kate del Castillo in the upcoming DVD release of Under the Same Moon, I don’t know what will. Now get your ass over to the giveaway page and enter.