Madden NFL 09 Goes Gold, Is That Good or Bad?

Madden 09 CoverA month and a half prior to it’s official release date, EA Sports has announced that Madden NFL 09 has been declared “gold” or ready for release.

So what does this early halt mean? Has EA Sports finally nailed it and is so confident in their product that they stopped development altogether because it is perfect? Or does it validate what many former fanboys are saying in that EA is just “mailing it in” and not giving 100% with no real competition in the NFL football gaming market? The answer will come on August 12th, the day it hits shelves.

Even when the answer is made public, there will still be millions of copies sold… because everyone is addicted to this game, good or bad, and as mentioned previously, there is no other option if you want real NFL teams and players.

I think we should all be nervous though… after being a fanboy since the game’s birth, I only played a season plus three games of Madden 08 because I was so disgusted in it due to it simply being Madden 07 with new rosters and even more glitches.


Earlier in the month, The Zoo gave you 10 new reasons NOT to buy Madden 09. That question is still a valid one and again, all answers will be released come August 12.

Madden 09 screenshot

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