The Simpsons-Season Eleven DVD Due October 7

The “long-awaited” Complete Eleventh Season will finally make its way to shelves in North America on October 7, ten months later than it was expected to be released and a further two months away from the then-expected Season Twelve release.

The set was delayed first by the release of The Simpsons Movie in December, while the two month delay from a predicted August release is mainly due to the writers strike held earlier this year.

The packaging is yet to be released, however, all sources point to a continuation of the head-boxes, this time Krusty The Clown will be getting a run. I’d expect full box art to be revealed before the month’s end, if not within a few days.

Australia is currently set for a November 5 release, while the United Kingdom’s preliminary date is October 6, placing its release ahead of the US. more