Mythology and technology clash as Too Human ships across North America

Gamers get their chance to mold the cybernetic god Baldur into a hero for the ages

(August 19, 2008 – The wait is over! Microsoft announced today that “Too Human,” the epic action role-playing game from famed development house Silicon Knights, has shipped to North American retailers. Available exclusively on Xbox 360, “Too Human” is available for an ESRP of $59.99 and rated “T” for Teen.

Forging an extraordinary union between cyberspace and Nordic mythology, “Too Human” allows players to take on the role of the cybernetic god Baldur as he confronts an onslaught of machines threatening to exterminate mankind. Along the way, gamers are treated to “Too Human’s” intricate character customization features which allow for virtually endless combinations of weapons, armor and cybernetic enhancements across five distinct character classes. Players can also engage in the action online through seamlessly integrated cooperative gameplay over Xbox LIVE.

In “Too Human” Silicon Knights employs a dynamic camera, groundbreaking motion capture techniques, stunning visuals and a powerful orchestral score to set a new cinematic standard for action RPGs. “Too Human” offers the combination of enthralling gameplay and mind-blowing aesthetics that defines next generation gaming on Xbox 360.

As an added bonus, gamers can now experience the fifth installment of the “Too Human” video diary series, available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Silicon Knights director and president Denis Dyack, director of design Henry Sterchi and director of content Ken McCulloch provide insight into the origins of “Too Human,” including origins of the storyline and how it ties in with Norse mythology. The video diary also includes the final installment of the documentary titled, “The Goblin Man of Norway,” where the researchers continue to discover secrets surrounding the mysterious ancient technology.

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