TMR DVD Review: Parliament-Funkadelic, “1976 Live – The Mothership Connection”

video inside post  Let me start off by saying Parliament Funkadelic are undisputable proof that black people dropped as much acid in the 60’s and 70’s as white people. P Funk brings acid washed artistry to the stage with costumes, sets and music designed to challenge the altered mind. I can almost smell the pot smoke in the concert hall as I watch this DVD.

This DVD starts off with a scorching solo by Glen Goins and never gives up. Recorded in 1976 in Houston the language on the DVD is rough even by today’s standards, but let’s be serious you are not going to buy this for family movie night. …”:Everybody say shit god damn get off your ass and jam.”

P-Funk reminds us of the waves of talent that passed through this University of Funk. Graduates being Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worell and Philippé Wynne to name a few. Not only did 20 or 30 musicians once grace the stage with this band but they were and influence for bands ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Deee-Lite. and everyone in between.

The horn section on this DVD is ripping and is every musician on the disk. The transfer is better than I expected for a 30 year old concert and the sound is great with a ton of bottom. This is a must watch for any rock\r&b\funk fan and a must own for any P Funk fan. Make my funk the P Funk I want my funk uncut.