Bud Light Party Cruise Recap: Day 3 – Coco Cay

I was driving home the other day across ice coated New Hampshire. The temperature was in the single digits as they have been for months. It was pretty dismal and gray just then the DJ pops on All American Rejects “Gives You Hell” right there I was pulled back to the Bud Light party Cruise I had the honor to board last November.

For those of you un familiar with this event Bud Light fills two ships with the Bud Light faithful and take off for 4 days and three nights of the best party you have seen in your life.

I remember Saturday night I was chilling on the upper deck. In one hand I had an ice cold Bud Light in the other hand I had a fresh Cuban cigar that I have picked up that day in Nassau. I kicked back in my deck chair and thought to myself that this is one of those moments that I never want to forget. There was a light breeze and I watched the stars float across the pitch black sky. I thought to myself it doesn’t get better than this. O’ I was so wrong.

The weekend just kept getting better and better. Every time you thought it doesn’t get better than this, it did. Sunday morning we grabbed a little breakfast and headed over to the private island Coca Cay.

My day on Coco Cay was legendary. I find myself on a private island watching the Bare Naked Ladies and O.A.R. with Playboy’s cover girl for November Rachelle Leah and The All American Rejects.

A little later in the day The All American Rejects hit the stage with a sonic fury. They were blasting some songs for their upcoming album and playing fan favorites like “Dirty Little Secret” As the band was belting out some no holds barred rock, there are models doing photo shoots on the beach. Everywhere my head turns there is something going on.

The grills were sizzling with food, the beer stations full of iced down Bud Light and girls are dancing all over the beach in bikinis. I could drone on and on about how cool the day was but I think it would be easier to show you with this video.