Who Will Be the Next Baseball Player to Get Caught? The Odds Have Been Posted

Pujols?As we approach the next spring training in this current steroid-era of Major League Baseball, the hot question isn’t which team will win the pennant this season… it is “which of the current stud power hitters will be next to admit steroid use?” Have you wondered which player is most likely the next to admit to being a cheater? Well, wonder no further. Official betting lines have been posted on the following questions: “Who Will Be The Next Baseball Hero To Be Caught Using Steroids”, “Which Slugger Will Admit To Juicing” and “Will or Will Not A-Rod Make A Trip To Capital Hill”.

“Every year we see more and more baseball heroes fall to steroid abuse, and A-Rod’s recent admission opened the door to a whole new line,” said Esteban Siles, Spokesperson for BookMaker.com. Siles adds, “We are witnessing so much interest in the steroid scandals that BookMaker.com decided to offer a little more action than just who will win opening day games. Now fans will have a reason to cheer for a positive test.”

The Opening Lines are:

The next baseball hero to be caught using steroids:
-Albert Pujols +350 (or $3.50 to 1)
-Manny Ramirez +350
-Ryan Howard +350
-Mark Texeira +350
-David Ortiz +350
-Derrek Lee +350
-Justin Morneau +350
-Lance Berkman +350
-Carlos Delgado +350

Which slugger will be the next to admit they Juiced?
-Barry Bonds +500
-Roger Clemens +500
-Mark McGwire +500
-Albert Pujols +1000
-Ryan Howard +800
-Carlos Delgado +1000
-Manny Ramirez +1000
-David Ortiz +1200
-The Field -5000

Will Alex Rodriguez testify on Capitol Hill?
-Yes, A-Rod called to Capitol Hill -250
-No, A-Rod won’t be called to Capitol Hill +120

Place your bets, or check out more odds over at BookMaker.com