Book Review: Long Lost by Harlan Coben

If you’re looking for a good read, full of suspense and action, with a bit of humor tossed in for good measure, Harlan Coben’s new novel, Long Lost (release date March 31, Penguin/Dutton), may be just what the doctor ordered.

Long Lost starts at break-neck pace and never lets up. From the first page, when former athlete turned sports agent turned detective Myron Bolitar receives a mysterious phone call from former girlfriend, Terese, asking him to come to Paris, to the shocking conclusion, it is non stop action and suspense. It was very difficult to put this one down.

Myron had a brief, torrid affair with Terese some ten years earlier, a time when they both used each other to help heal the wounds of their own demons. He hadn’t seen her or heard from her since. When she called him saying that she had to see him, in Paris, no less, he had to see what she needed.

Myron soon finds out that Terese is hiding a deep, dark secret, one that ultimately has international complications. With his best friend Win, Myron is drawn to Paris, then to London, to help Terese find out who killed her ex-husband, the murder that the Parisian police suspect her of committing. That is only the tip of the iceberg, as Myron soon finds out that Terese’s daughter, long thought to have died in a tragic car accident over ten years earlier, might actually be alive.

Soon, both Myron and Terese are in mortal danger and are being followed as they go from Paris, to London, to New York, but they don’t know who to trust or who the real enemy is. Interpol, Mossad, and even Homeland Security are tracking their every move, and trying very hard to prevent them from finding out who killed Terese’s ex-husband and why.

This is Coben’s 9th Myron Bolitar novel, but it can easily stand alone. Despite the fact that friend Win, partner Espiranza, and receptionist Big Cyndi have appeared in each of his Bolitar novels, he easily introduces each character as if it’s the first time we’re meeting them.

Coben, the author of 15 novels, including thrillers The Woods, Just One Look, and Don’t Look Twice, along with eight other Myron Bolitar novels, enters a whole new realm with this book. Mixing international intrigue with mystery, suspense, and humor, Coben is at the top of his game. It has been three years since the last Bolitar novel, Promise Me. was published, and it was worth the wait.