Coors Banquet Celebrates Earth Day, 50TH Anniversary Of The Aluminum Can

video inside post The Banquet Beer Maintains Same Unwavering Commitment to Recycling In 2009 as It Did In 1959

Coors Banquet, the timeless western brew, introduced the country’s first all-aluminum recyclable can in 1959 and the brand has been at the forefront of recycling and conservation ever since. In fact, the brewery in Golden, Colorado, where Coors Banquet is brewed, is committed to zero-waste operations – nearly all of the glass, paper, board, plastics and metals used during the brewing and production process are recycled or reused, diverting thousands of tons of waste from landfills. And each year, MillerCoors finds uses for tens of thousands of tons of organic byproducts and waste from brewing.

This Earth Day, Coors Banquet is calling for consumers to take the same uncompromising approach to preserving our resources as Coors Banquet takes to crafting its beer.

“For more than 135 years, Coors Banquet has pioneered advances in brewing and manufacturing, and we consider the environment throughout the brewing process,” said Coors Banquet Brand Manager Roger Garcia. “One hundred percent Rocky Mountain water and two-row high country barley are what make Coors Banquet unique, and we’re dedicated to preserving those resources now and for future generations.”

For Coors Banquet, two of its most important elements are the finest ingredients that go into every brew and the packaging that ensures the beer travels from Golden to every consumer in great condition. The 136-year-old brand, along with MillerCoors, continues to expand efforts aimed at preserving its resources.

For example, the brewer has stringent targets for the amount of water used to produce beer, and is making capital improvements at breweries to reduce that amount. MillerCoors also saves the equivalent of 622 tons of aluminum each year due to a small reduction in the diameter of some aluminum cans.

In addition, the company has developed numerous environmental-focused community partnerships, such as a recent collaboration with RecycleBank, which has diverted more than 140,000 tons of recyclables from landfills.

On the 50th anniversary of its introduction of the aluminum can, Coors Banquet invites consumers to join the brand’s commitment to recycling by visiting to learn more about the importance of recycling, the recycling process and its recycling incentive program.