Sunday Morning Emergency Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every pub out there has a Father’s Day Gift Guide, and almost as many a Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide.

But what about sons and daughters heading to dad’s house early Sunday morning looking for any store that’s open?

For your Sunday Morning Emergency Father’s Day Gift Guide, we’d like to offer up a 12-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale. It’s a gift that’s last minute, but because it’s America’s No. 1 imported ale, it shows you care. And as the leading imported Ale it’s available at grocery stores open early nationwide.

• Color: Golden-brown in color, Newcastle is not one but two beers, combining English Pale and Dark Caramel malt in a recipe perfected by Colonel Jim Porter in 1927

• Taste: An anomaly among dark beers, Newcastle embodies a caramel taste and just enough elegant English hops to offset the delicate caramel maltiness, making the beverage sweet and sublimely smooth to the palate

• Temperature: Unlike lagers/pilsners, ales are best enjoyed cool, rather than cold. The ideal temperature for Newcastle Brown Ale is 38F to 42F degrees. Your average refrigerator is between 35F and 38F degrees.

• Calories: Darker beers don’t equal more calories for Dad. Newcastle Brown Ale weighs in at 140 calories per 12 oz. serving.

• Food: The robust flavor of brown ales, like Newcastle Brown Ale, allows them to pair well with red meat, fish and chicken – three cornerstones of grilling.

• Smoothness: Bottled with less CO2 than its competitors makes it a smoother option.

The perfect Father’s Day gift.