TMR Health: Post-Cycle Estrogen Control – Keeping Your Gains II

One of the key elements to post-cycle recovery when coming off a prohormone/steroid is controlling estrogen. High levels of estrogen in men can cause a whole host of negative effects such as water retention (bloating), gynocemastia (swelling of breast tissue), depression and suppression of natural testosterone production leading to muscle and strength loss.

Some prohormones/steroids directly convert from an androgen to an estrogen via the aromatase enzyme. Even when taking a prohormone/steroid that cannot convert to estrogen the body can convert its natural testosterone in an effort to keep homeostasis, or a balance in its hormone profile.

Fear not, fellow iron warriors, you can prevent these estrogenic side effects and avoid tearing up at the end of a chick flick.  The trick is to deactivate the enzyme that converts androgens into estrogens. This can be done by supplementing with aromatase inhibitors. When the prohormone/steroid use is discontinued the anti-estrogens are introduced.

“But which anti-estrogen should I use?” you ask. There are many on the market but only a couple worth mentioning. When the prohormone/steroid is discontinued a suicide aromatase inhibitor is recommended.

A suicide inhibitor is a compound that locks onto the aromatase enzyme and permanently deactivates it resulting in lower estrogen and higher testosterone levels. An excellent choice for a suicide inhibitor would be SSL’s Estro Xtreme. The active ingredient in Estro Xtreme eliminates up to 91% of the body’s estrogen. Its pretty strong stuff.

Estrogen plays a role in general health influencing bone density, heart health and even libido so at the two week mark some estrogen should be allowed to be produced. This is when a non-suicide inhibitor should be utilized. These types of anti-estrogens bind to the aromatase enzyme and deactivate it for a period of time and eventually detach and the enzyme reactivates. Sci*Fit’s EstroSupress is perfect for this point in the post-cycle. By gradually allowing some estrogens to be produced and restoring natural testosterone levels, the body is not overly shocked and post-cycle muscle retention is maximized.