TMR Health: Pro Complete 40 Review

This is one of our favorite proteins and a big part of this is the taste. This is by far one of the easiest proteins to drink on the market. Even when mixed in water Pro Complete 40 still tastes great. The mix ability of Pro Complete 40 is excellent; we prefer using a shaker although it is possible to mix it with a spoon.

This product is over 80% protein which is calculated by taking the number of protein grams per serving (40gm) and dividing it by the total serving size (50gm). This gives you 80% for Pro Complete 40. Because flax oil has been added to this product the starting formula comes in at over 80%. To put this in perspective the highest available protein percentage is between 81% and 82%.

Pro Complete 40 uses a blend of protein which consists of whey isolates, casein and egg proteins. The blend is preferred by most athletes as it is the most versatile of any protein. The whey isolates in the product will get to the muscle quickly providing a quick anabolic jolt of protein. The casein and egg proteins are digested slowly providing a much slower release of aminos into the blood stream and into the muscle. This has a strong anticatabolic effect. The formula is fortified with extra glutamine and BCAA’s which are the primary amino acids needed for muscle repair and recovery.

Because Pro Complete 40 uses higher quality proteins it is easily digested and doesn’t cause gas or bloating which can be seen with lower grade proteins. Flax fiber and digestive enzymes where added to further aid in digestion and protein absorption.

The health profile of Pro Complete is hard to top. There are only 100 calories per 20 gram scoop with 0gm saturated fat. Cholesterol is only 5mg and the sodium is only 35mg.

If you have not yet tried this product stop into one of our stores as this company provides us with samples for customers to try out.