TMR Health: SSL Rush – Intensity For Results

There you sit, totally confused about why your muscles aren’t responding the way you expected. You’ve read tons of articles, you eat right, sleep enough, take supplements and train like your life depends on it. Still, you aren’t getting your intended results. You start to wonder if all the effort is worth it.

For those who weight train, mastering intensity is a key ingredient toward fulfilling the goal of training for size and muscularity. Intensity is defined as the application of maximum physical effort systematically applied to a technically developed motor skill. Intensity also requires breaking through the pain barrier. To do so, you must first develop pain tolerance. This is developed by progressively increasing intensity so your body gradually adjusts to sensory overload.

Your pre and post workout nutrition is crucial for maximizing workout intensity and workout gains. This is where SSL Rush can become an invaluable tool for your workouts providing the proper nutrition to help you make your workouts more productive.

Having sustained energy is crucial for workout intensity. Beyond caffeine Rush uses significant doses of tyrosine and b-vitamins to create a sustained level of energy. New research on caffeine is also validating it for its ability to lessen fatigue and help fuel greater bouts of intensity. Adaptagens like rhodiola where included for their ability to increase oxygen utilization as well as help the body to adapt to physical stressors (i.e. intense training).

SSL choose to use patented Kre-Alkalyn creatine for its superior absorption which increases the level of creatine stored in the muscle. This is important as it allows an athlete to work at a higher proportion of their maximal voluntary muscular force capability thereby increasing the training stimulus. Greater training stimulus creates the potential for greater performance gains.

SSL Rush was also designed to fuel ATP production which supplies the muscle with energy to do more work meaning an ability in the gym to handle more repititions and more weight. Rush also includes beta-alanine which has been shown in studies to delay the onset of fatigue and reduce the buildup of the metabolic waste that causes muscle failure. This is important as it will allow you to extend the duration of time the muscle is under tension which is important to muscle growth.

As you increase the intensity of your workouts post-workout nutrition becomes even more important. Make sure you are taking a post workout shake to maximize recovery and protein synthesis. We recommend After Glow as it is using a formula which has been shown to increase protein synthesis.