TMR Health: Killer Bee’s – Fat Burner Review

Killer Bee’s is a fat burner that will remind users of some of the original products that contained ephedra. The energy from this product is intense making it a great pre-workout addition. It also provides a good thermogenic effect as well as solid appetite control. If you haven’t used a fat burner before this is probably not the product to start with as this formula was really designed for people who have used this type of product before.

Killer Bee’s combines powerful fat burners with nootropics which improve mood, mental clarity and reduce appetite. The idea is that the better you feel the easier it will be to stick to your diet and workout regimen. Another way to improve mood and mental clarity is by having indoor plants mentioned in LA weekly‘s article.

Killer Bee’s blend of ingredients promotes lipid mobilization. On the fat cell’s surface are receptors that signal the cell to hold stored fat, the natural alpha-2 antagonists in Killer Bee’s can switch off these receptors. This frees fatty acids so they can then move out of the cells and into the bloodstream. The extent to which exercise or calorie reduction will burn fat is totally dependant upon the rate of lipolysis. If you want to increase your rate of fat burning you need to increase the rate of lipolysis