Squatters Releases a HUGE New Beer for 20th Annibrewsary

squatters-logoSeptember 1st Salt Lake Brewing Co. aka Squatters Pubs and Beers will raise a pint and toast to 20 years in the pub business. To celebrate, they are not only throwing a staggeringly long birthday bash at the pubs; they are releasing a huge new beer: HOP RISING.

One of the most aggressive beers ever released in Utah, Hop Rising a double India Pale Ale, clocks in at 85 IBU’s and 9% alcohol. “We use three different malts to create enough flavor to perfectly balance three varieties of hops,” explains Jon Lee, Squatters head brewer “then, because we couldn’t help ourselves, we dry-hop it; resulting in an amazing two pounds of hops per barrel!” The combination of robust malty flavors and huge hop bitterness provide a well-balanced beer – a hop lover’s dream.

About the Staggeringly Long Birthday Bash
Founding owners Peter Cole and Jeff Polychronis will roll back beer prices to a bloody cheap $2.50 a pint September 1st thru September 7th. There’ll be 1989 food prices too, here are a few oldies: Buffalo wings; Jock Strap Soup; Kronski’s Kielbasa; bangers and smashers; and Quesadilla Wences.

Retro T-Shirt Contest
Employees and long time patrons of Squatters are encouraged to wear their favorite old Squatters tee shirts and be entered to win prizes.

20th Annibrewsary Commemorative Beer Bottle
Brewmaster Jenny Talley has brewed a traditional German Marzan Oktoberfest bottled in a commemorative bottle for patrons to take home. The 41.5 oz. flip-top bottles are printed with the 20th Annibrewsary logo and can be used as refillable growlers. 5.5% alcohol by volume Oktoberfest beer and commemorative bottles will only be available in Squatters Pubs for $16.99. Only 250 limited edition bottles have been created.

Birthday Bash Locations:

Squatters Pub Brewery
147 West Broadway (300 South)
Salt Lake City

Squatters Roadhouse Grill & Pub
1900 Park Avenue
Park City

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Double India Pale Ales (abbreviated Double IPA’s) is a very strong, hoppy style of pale beer. These beers are essentially made with higher amounts of malt and hops and typically have alcohol content above 7% by volume and 60+ IBU’s.

First brewed on the west coast by Vinnie Cilurzo in 1994, when he accidently added 50% too much malt to his mash tun, then corrected the mistake by adding 100% more hops – and a new style was created.

One of the fastest growing styles in the craft beer industry, it even has its own festival. The first Double IPA festival at a pub in San Diego featured a dozen total entries, this year’s event shut down the street and included 46 Double IPA’s.