TMR Health: Is Protein Quality Important?

Many people think all proteins are created equal. This is not the case. Many proteins are chemically altered or manufactured using harsh chemicals. These proteins will have a low assimilation rate (low rate of absorption), often cause digestive and intestinal problems and can taste terrible.

As protein costs have gone up many manufacturers have also turned to lower grade proteins. Manufacturers have the choice of using high quality grades of protein that are primarily protein or the lower grades which use inferior raw materials and are higher in fat, lactose, carbs, and ash. For instance with whey concentrates manufacturers can choose from a range of raw materials ranging from 34% protein up 80% protein. In an effort to bring down the cost of products some manufacturers are using the lower grades of proteins rather than raising prices. The problem with this is that these proteins are not assimilated well by the body and often cause digestive problems.

Most bodybuilders and athletes take in high amounts of protein that are not usable by the body. As a result they see less results for their training efforts and they are allowing toxins to potentially build up within the body as a result of undigested protein. Make sure you spend your money on protein that is going to help you achieve your fitness goals. While affordability is obviously an issue it doesn’t make sense to get a product that will not help you achieve your goals and may cause health issues.

On the inexpensive end we recommend the Pro Whey, when looking at higher quality products check out Pro Complete 40 or Isopure. For a naturally sweetened product take a look at NOW Foods whey.