Nickent Golf NFL Players of the Week Results – Week 1: We Have a Winner!

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The NFL Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week for Week 1 of the 2009 NFL Season have been announced. We also have another great announcement, two of these players were correctly guessed and we will be awarding the full set of Nickent Golf clubs for the very first time in two seasons!



Offense: Tom Brady – Quarterback – New England Patriots
Defense: David Harris – Linebacker – New York Jets
Offense: Drew Brees – Quarterback – New Orleans Saints
Defense: Justin Tuck – Defensive End – New York Giants

After going through ALL of 2008 with no winners in the Player of the Week contest, TWO members guessed the week 1 players of the week right. The bad part is that only ONE member can win the clubs in any given week. So along with his tie-breaking 13 correct picks in week 1, member perfects1 accurately selected Tom Brady and Justin Tuck. Congrats go out to Paul Simpson for being the very first Nickent Player of the Week winner and is awarded a full set of Nickent Clubs in a new stand bag! We will anxiously await the pics of your new set and stories of how your golf game has greatly improved. Congratulations again. Our winners are shown below:

Tom Brady was a very popular selection this week, earning 20% of the offensive vote. Brees was no slouch either with 10%. Troy Polamalu was the most popular defensive player selected. Two members selected Justin Tuck.

In case you haven’t entered the competition yet, members guess who they think will be named the offensive and defensive players of the week. If both of those players are named as the NFL players of the week for that specific week, the member is awarded a full set of Nickent Golf Clubs in a shiny new stand bag. See the lineup below. Please, PLEASE read the official rules for this part of the contest… especially the spelling part.

To get in on the fun, visit the Beat the House main picks page, enter your picks for the week, then enter your guesses for the Nickent Players of the Week. It’s that simple. Week 2 NFL picks and predictions are available and waiting for you to vote on, so go make your picks. NOW! We’ve already given away hundreds of dollars in prizes and only one week has passed!

For more information on Beat the House, check out our Week 2 Preview which includes all of the great prizing we could be awarding this season.