TMR Gaming: Wolfenstein Hands On Review

wolfenstein-150pxI have been a big fan of the Wolfenstein series for going on 10+ years. I first loaded Wolfenstein 3d on to my 486 Tandy Notebook: 33mhz and 4 mb of ram. What a screamer that machine was,  monocrome display and all. It is an understatement to say I was pumped to see the latest Wolfenstein XBOX release in my mailbox recently.

Besides the underlying Marine vs. Nazis theme this game is light years beyond the original release. This new generation of the classic  first person shooter has drilled deep in to the paranormal realm of the Third Reich.

There are crystals that can slow time or bring you into alternative plains of existence. These tools called “veils” allow running through difficult maps blowing away Nazis at warp speed. They also expose secret doors and passageways throughout the game. The weapons also have a SciFi touch.

The Tesla Gun is a lightning rifle that can clear a room or street very quickly. The “Snooper” rifle is a thermo-sensitive high tech weapon. Last but not least is the flame-thrower. The flame-thrower is without a doubt the most fun weapon. Be advised some of the Nazis have flame retardant uniforms and are not fazed by it. I found out the hard way.

The game play is very fluid with challenging maps and amazing graphics. You can go through the game at rapidly or slow down to collect intel and gold. Gold will allow you to purchase cool upgrades to your weapons on the black market.

The multi player is great ther are eight multiplayer maps. Team Deathmatch, Objective, and Stopwatch are modes that can be played on all three maps. A limited number of “veils” are also available in the multiplayer mode.

This is as good as first person shooters get. Wolfenstein is highly recommended as a purchase not a rental. The game has a lot of replay potential and you will enjoy the multiplayer for years to come.

It’s rated “M” for blood, gore, intense violence and language.