NFL Week 4 Recap and “Beat the House” Results

NFL logoEveryone won in week 4, but it was the Madden Sim that had the best pick set for the week. That doesn’t happen very often. The bye weeks kicked in during week 4, so the total picks correct were down, but the winning percentages were up. The membership posted 10 wins to The House’s 11. As mentioned, the simulation of the week on Madden NFL 10 on the Xbox 360 came in first with a 12-2 record. The tally stands at Members 3, House 1 so far in 2009. Tune in tomorrow when the NFL week 5 picks and predictions are released.

The weekly and total stats are as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 4: 11-3 12-2 10-4
2009 Overall: 41-21 36-26 46-16

The Challenge
There was only one game in disagreement this week, and it was the House selection of the Miami Dolphins over the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins opened up a can on the Bills as T.O. was shut down completely in what is becoming a weekly event.

game ballThe House won it’s first week in the 2009 NFL season, but we have history here. Last week, one member picked all 16 games correctly for the first time in Beat the House history. In week 4, we saw two members pick all of the games correctly and one of them was the same guy as last week! C_hawkfan and garrettsambo are the top dogs this week. I’ll be in touch with both of you in order to award your prizes or an approved equal. You both do win a Nerf Pro Grip, though. Congrats again!

The second part of our competition, the Nickent Players of the Week, will be decided on Wednesday when the NFL announces the top performers for week 4. The prize is a full set of golf clubs and we actually had a winner in week 1. The odds are on your side, so go for it!

Tune back in on Thursday morning to once again agree or disagree with the House’s NFL week 5 picks and predictions.

To review the Week 4 picks, visit the Beat the House main picks page. The week 4 picks and predictions will be up early Thursday morning. Make sure you get your picks in early to move up the leaderboard and get another shot at beating the house. Check in often, the board can drastically change over the remainder of the football season.

Stay tuned to see who will be named the Nickent Players of the Week and if any members have won another full set of golf clubs. We’ll update you as soon as the players of the week are announced.

For all other NFL and sports updates, check out the TMRzoo Sports Zone.

See you next week.