Playboy Offers A Final Farewell To Farrah Fawcett In November Issue

farrah-fawcett-150pxA Celebration of the Beauty’s Feathered Hair, Big Smile, and Iconic Images

On the occasion of Farrah Fawcett’s passing, Playboy’s editors and photographers offer their unique recollections of working with the fearless and extraordinary beauty, along with a six-page tribute containing some of the star’s most iconic photographs (issue available on newsstands and at Friday, October 16). The tribute also features, firsthand, personal recollections from Farrah’s Playboy photo shoots.

Playboy’s Photography Director Gary Cole recalls Farrah as a feisty “force of nature” as he relays the high drama of her first photo shoot with the magazine. According to Cole, that shoot was defined by Farrah and photographer Davis Factor intimidating one another until they both got just what they wanted. Of her demanding nature, Cole says, “That was Farrah, and we’ll always love her for it.” The union worked for Farrah as well; she went on to appear in the magazine again two years later.

Playboy enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Farrah Fawcett, beginning with her December 1978 cover appearance through her stunning December 1995 and July 1997 pictorials. The Playboy family was deeply saddened to learn of her passing on June 25, and is honored to have her gracing the pages of Playboy magazine once again.