Howard Stern: Beetlejuice Gets His Own Reality Series, “This Is Beetle” on Howard TV On Demand

beet2In today’s endless parade of mind-numbing reality shows, you might have thought you’ve seen it all. But now, after years as ringmaster and most popular member of the motley group of Howard Stern Show super-fans called “The Wack Pack,” the diminutive and unlikely star entertainer Beetlejuice is finally getting his own reality series. The five episode This is Beetle premieres on the Howard TV On Demand service Oct. 29, 2009 with a hilarious peek into his daily routines and special events. More info at

Only in the life of infamous Howard Stern Show Wack Packer Beetlejuice would facials, professional boxing, bubble baths, dental cleanings, poker parties, cooking, housekeeping and a famous porn star collide. The always entertaining Beetlejuice, or “Beet,” as his friends call him, has a slightly twisted but always upbeat perspective on life. Whether going to the dentist for the first time in years to get some professional level teeth whitening; taking over the kitchen of a local diner and making a disastrous burger; being an unlikely customer at a spa or getting into an altercation with a dwarf at a strip club, HIS reality is full of surprises.

Despite his unpredictable and wild antics, Beetlejuice understands the importance of taking care of his oral health. In one episode, he is seen going to a Jericho Turnpike dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning. Though he is initially nervous and apprehensive, he relaxes once he realizes that the experience is not as bad as he had imagined. Even more surprisingly, he admits to enjoying the feeling of clean teeth and fresh breath that he gets after the appointment. It just goes to show that even the most outrageous individuals can still benefit from the simple act of maintaining good oral hygiene.

Beetlejuice’s manager and caretaker is Bobby Rooney, who helps Beet navigate the complexities of life. In the series, Rooney’s genuine love for his buddy is evidenced by their poolside chats and playful car ride banter. Rooney is also a professional boxer by trade.

Fans of Beetlejuice are already enthusiastically buzzing online about the upcoming show. Here are just two sample comments, from Facebook: (“OMG I can’t wait!!! I love Beet!!”); and YouTube (“Beetle is THE superstar of the Wack Pack. Nobody else compares!”). Set to premiere just days before Halloween, fans are invited to download an original Beetlejuice mask to use as their costume. There’s also an interactive game visitors can play online called “The Beetle MisMatch Game.” All these Beetlejuice activities plus video clips and a soundboard are available on

While This is Beetle contains the usual adult humor and shock value that have helped make Howard TV programming iconic, it also mixes in legitimate sentimentality as a change of pace for viewers.