Rosie O’Donnell Gets Personal on The Howard Stern Show

rosieRosie O’ Donnell opened the floodgates today during a revealing and extremely personal interview on the Howard Stern Show. The 75 minute interview was wide-ranging and covered subjects that O’Donnell herself admitted to never having gone into so much detail about before. O’Donnell opened up on many personal matters: from the painful loss of her mother; to her troubled relationship with her father; to her rocky marriage and how she relates to the trouble Howard Stern Show side kick Artie Lange is currently experiencing with depression.

The entire interview can be seen starting October. 27 on Howard TV On Demand and will be available for about three weeks. Visit for more information. Check out the preview clip below:

Touching upon her reported marital problems to her wife Kelli Carpenter, O’Donnell stated that they are separated because they have “different living styles,” and said “I think we’re working through what is best for us. … It’s all okay.”

Stern joked that it must have been a while since O’Donnell has had sex. She denied that was an issue and that although she and Carpenter have problems she said “sex was not one of them”. Carpenter and O’Donnell will continue to parent their four children, O’Donnell confirmed to Stern. She did not go into any further detail on the subject.

O’Donnell was told her mother died of hepatitis only to learn years later that the cause of her death was cancer. The funeral was on O’Donnell’s birthday and her relatives kept giving her gifts which she said sent mixed messages and caused her confusion. Also, she said her relationship with her father is so terrible that at one point she hadn’t spoken to him for 17 years.

The interview closes with O’Donnell looking to the future and discussing her new show launching on Sirius XM on November 2. Reigniting an old animosity, Howard asked her if she’d ever have Donald Trump as a guest on her new show. O’Donnell said that she wouldn’t, and explains that Trump is a “dangerous presence” and doesn’t “interest her in any capacity.”

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