Live From the Linc 2: The Droid Does Dallas

Eagles v Dallas on the Droid!No matter how good or bad either of these teams are in any given year, when the Dallas Cowboys pay their yearly visit to the Philadelphia Eagles, it is always a can’t miss event. Well, the TMRzoo is here at ground zero, and just like last week, will be giving you the blow-by-blow as to what is going on during the tailgating scene and then the actual game.

For the first time in six years, the T.O. factor is gone for good in the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry, but we have a few new variables today that may still “inflate” the tempers of the natives. It’s been less than a week since the Phillies lost to the hated New York Yankees and fans of a team home-grown through their system team certainly do not like losing to a purchased championship. Adding to the excitement level is the 40-17 dismantling the Eagles put to an early-season favorite New York football Giants. Also, the last time these two teams met in 2008, a left-for-dead Eagles bounced the pre-season paper Superbowl Champion Cowboys out of the playoffs to the tune of 44-6.

Oh, did I mention this game tonight is for sole possession of first place in the NFC East and is a prime-time game? Man, this is gonna be good.

Click here for last week’s live broadcast from the stadium, and if you missed it…

All updates will be made from the sports complex via the Motorola DROID and the Verizon Wireless 3G Network. All images, audio and video will be recorded and edited on the Droid as well.

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This game sucks.


This is becoming a very pissed off crowd.


This place is on fire!

That’s a big ass flag!




There was an Andy Reid impersonator singing his version of “should I stay or should I go”… “should I pass or should I throw”. All Eagles fans know what he wants to do.


This place just erupted with the Chargers TD and win over the Giants. More fuel for the fire.


Chants of ASS-HOLE ring thru the lots as the Dallas fans start to trickle in.

Its time for some dessert…


Happy belated Halloween


Isn’t wearing a former shitty player’s jersey a violation?


Chicken tenders, scallops wrapped in bacon, sausage sallopini, and beef ribs. How good are you eating today?


Things are heating up now…


Pretty calm here for a Dallas game. It is still over 4 hours before game time though.


The perfect beer for Philly fans…


We’re here and it pretty damn hot out… at least for November fooball. The thermometer says low 70s, but it feels like mid-80s on the blacktop.