NFL Week 9 Recap and “Beat the House” Results

wk9mainWell lookie here. What happened in week 9? A House arsewhoopin’, that’s what. After the membership has been the House’s daddy all season long so far, the House accomplished a three-game swing in the overall pick record for the year. It was the House’s 10 correct picks that bested the collective membership’s 7. The Madden 10 sim didn’t do too shabby with 8 correct picks out of 13. The week brought the season total to 6 wins for the Members to 3 for the House… with 8 more weeks to go, this is anyone’ game. Tune back in on Thursday for the week 10 NFL picks and predictions.

The season stats so far are:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 9: 10-3 8-5 7-6
2009 Overall: 84-45 72-57 89.5-39.5

As mentioned, it was three games that were not looked upon too kindly by the membership. For some reason, many of you thought the Bears were good enough to hold off the Cardinals. Wrong… to the tune of 5 TD passes by Kurt Warner.

Miss #2 was Cincinnati over Baltimore. This was the most disagreed-upon game of the week. The Ravens barely mustered 200 yards of total offense and simply couldn’t put points on the board. Where is the Joe Flacco hype now?

The third game was Tennessee over San Fran. Everyone is used to picking against the Titans… understandable. There was no lack of offense in this game with 27 of the game’s total points being scored in the fourth quarter.

game ballMake it two in a row! Member desert11 once again posted the best pick set of the week after doing it in week 8 as well. We’re going to make a great big DVD prize pack, complete with a Nerf Pro Grip football, for our football seer. Great job again!

The second part of our competition, the Nickent Players of the Week, will be decided on Wednesday when the NFL announces the top performers for week 9. The prize is a full set of golf clubs and we actually had a winner in week 1. The odds are on your side, so go for it!

Tune back in on Thursday morning to once again agree or disagree with the House’s NFL week 10 picks and predictions.

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See you next week.