Week 12 NFL “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions – Voting Has Been Reopened!

Beat the House ChickAfter being closed all day on Thanksgiving due to the three games being played, voting has been reopened in our “Beat the House” competition. No, you won’t get credit for picking the three games after the fact, but you still have a chance to earn 13 wins for the week… a great accomplishment in any week. We’ll also give everyone with over 10 wins on the week the chance to win this week’s football… so have at it. Click below to enter now!

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The House went 2-1 on Thanksgiving while splitting the two disagree games. In fact, the Denver/NY gam went exactly as the House predicted. As of the time this was posted, there are still two games being disagreed with… the losses of both teams with perfect records still standing.


Don’t know about “Beat the House”? Click here to see exactly what we’re giving away this week. As always, the full set of Nickent Golf clubs is up for grabs and was actually won in week 1.

Good Luck!

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