Marty Balin Live at the Boston Esplanade

marty-balin-live-at-the-boston-esplanadeThis DVD blindsided me; I was expecting a disk full of  laid back classic rock. Marty Balin comes out the gates swinging with the song “3/5th of a Mile in 10 Seconds”. This is a great opener and a solid rocker. Jefferson Starship alum Mark “Slick” Aguilar delivers blazing guitar throughout the song including an incredible classic rock solo. I settle in for what I think will be a standard smash and bash rock show and Marty mixes it up.

The next tune “Runaway” is a jazz influenced rock tune with beautiful harmonies and awesome guitar work once again by Aguilar. This tune is dovetailed into the country flavored classic “Count On Me”.

The band once again cranks up the volume again with Berklee College of Music professor Didi Stewart delivering the lead vocals for “Some One to Love. Stewart channels Grace Slick and belts out some phenomenal rock vocals. This woman really has an amazing set of pipes.

Everyone in this band has great chops. The amount of talent and resumes of the people on this DVD is amazing. The song selection on this disk is also incredible. Not only is the song selection amazing but there are great interviews with the Summer of Love legend in the bonus features.

Balin digs back to his 60’s roots by closing the show with political pointed rockers “Volunteers” and “If I Had a Rocket Launcher”. Two songs that are just as valid and timely as the day they were written. It seems that some things haven’t changed since the summer of love. We are still fighting over seas and Marty Balin is still a huge talent.

This DVD has it all. Great music, awesome interviews and rare bonus features. This is not just a must have for Marty Balin and Jefferson Airplane fans; this DVD should be in every classic rock fan’s collection.

Available from MVD Entertainment Group.