Week 17 NFL “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions

bthchick2The TMRzoo “Beat the House” Week 16 NFL picks and predictions are live and voting is now open. This is it! The last regular season hurrah and the final game of the season for 20 of the league’s 32 fan bases. There is also one more shot for you to win some great prizes, including a full set of golf clubs! Do it now by clicking the link below and agreeing or disagreeing with each of our “House” picks:

Click here for the NFL week 17 picks and predictions

There are an incredible amount of various playoff scenarios still pending heading into the final week, especially in the AFC. The NFC playoff teams are locked up tight already, we just don’t know who seeds 2 through 6 are yet… and they most likely won’t be decided until the final seconds of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys contest.

Thankfully, all of our football is being played on Sunday this weekend. There are no Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Monday Night games this weekend. We’ll know the full playoff picture after the Sunday night football match up between the Jets and Bengals is in hand.

In case you are just joining us for the first time in this final week…


Don’t know about “Beat the House”? Click here to see exactly what we’re giving away this week. As always, the full set of Nickent Golf clubs is up for grabs and was actually won in week 1.

Good Luck!

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