Halo: Reach “Almost Content Complete”

halo-reachBungie has announced that Halo: Reach, the blockbuster Xbox 360 shooter due this coming November, is “almost content complete” and that they will be spending the time between now and release polishing the game so that “it’s the best damn thing any of you have put in your Xbox.”

Halo: Reach creative director Marcus Lehto stated in an interview:

“This is the time when we start closing down and begin the polish phase. It’s a time of intense focus with a smaller subset of our huge team. “We’re days away from content complete, which means we’ll be hammering on this game for the next couple of months to make sure it’s the best damn thing any of you have ever put in your Xbox… It’s definitely the toughest part, but the rewards of seeing so much hard work come together, from every discipline, is amazing.”

The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta starts May 2.

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