Movie Review Of Iron Man 2: Too Much CGI, Not Enough Substance

iron-man-2-robert-downey-jrThe first review for Iron Man is in the can. The movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Scarlet Johansson and…. Mickey Rourke? It seems the blockbuster action flick has jumped the shark sooner than most people expected. Kirk Honeycutt from The Hollywood Reporter gave the movie a scathing review. Kirk claims there are too many villains and story lines to truly enjoy the new Downey flick. This will be a huge problem seeing the movie is marketed to children as well as adults.

THR also claims the movie relies way too heavily on CGI. Another problem for the film Honeycutt claims is Iron Man 2 jumps all over the globe. Malibu, Moscow and of course Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo? I guess they are trying to give Tony Stark a James Bond type of vibe this time around.

One positive Honeycutt says is “Scarlett Johanson …struts through the film in various stages of dress and undress which may be the best thing about “Iron Man 2” for its younger male fans.”

I had the feeling they made this film too soon and Kirk Honeycutt is confirming my worst fears. I without a doubt will be waiting for this to hit Netflix unless my 17 year old son begs to see this one in the theater. I don’t get the feeling that will not be the case; then again Scarlet Johansson is in various stages of dress and undress.

You can read Kirk Honeycutt’s complete review here.