FIFA World Cup 2010 Power Rankings: Group A Preview – Uruguay, South Africa, Mexico and France

Mexico 3We, here at TMR, are called upon often to cover all aspects of Men’s Entertainment. In some cases we are reporting in areas of our expertise. In other cases there is a learning curve as we report to you our readers our discoveries in new areas. This spring and summer there is definitely a learning curve as we cover The 2010 edition of the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association (or International Federation of Association Football) World Cup.

We are slowly getting accustomed to the nuances of … soccer… or football… or fútbol. As we get familiar with the sport we have found one universal theme that seems to emerge with every major sport…babes

We could easily dive into years of World Cup data and stats to make our FIFA predictions. There were discussions of bringing in a soccer writer to be an analyst for us. All of this seems senseless. We have proven again and again the team with the hottest fans typically takes home the hardware. All of our pre-World Cup analysis tells us this will also be true with soccer.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be delivering to you the hottest women representing the 32 World Cup competing countries. To get the ball rolling let’s start off with photos of the footie girls, soccer babes and the hottest models for the counties of Group A.

Without further delay here is our FIFA World Cup 2010 Power Rankings: The Girls of Group A. Let’s take a look and see how Uruguay, South Africa, Mexico and France stack up. Good news for you World Cup newbies… we still have 7 more groups to preview.

Pictures pop to larger images.

Tell us which group you like the most and we’ll move them to the next round… tournament style!
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