Video of Philadelphia Phillies Fan Being Tasered

taser-video-previewJust seconds ago we posted some great pics of the Philly Fan Tazering incident, and now we have stumbled across the video. This is good stuff. Read the recap of the incident below and then check out the video…

This week in your Philadelphia Phillies Fandom update, we are introducing the first reported use of a taser. During the bottom of the eighth inning at yesterday’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the hometown Phillies, a 17-year old fan ran onto the field and made history… he was the first Philly fan ever tazered by police or security during an event (believe it or not). I’m not sure if he was the first spectator tased at a professional sporting event EVER, but we are looking into it.


The fan, whose name cannot be reported due to his age, hopped the wall and was running around the outfield and did a good job of avoiding security… until the taser came out. Once the fan was hit he dropped like a sack of potatoes and the incident was over. It has been reported that he will be charged with at least criminal trespass and some other related offenses.


Obviously, this fan gambled and lost, but if you are in the mood for a guessing game, try your hand at picking the top offensive and pitching staffs of the week in the TMR Zoo Double Play, we have some great prizes up for grabs. Give it a shot!