TMR Health: Cycling Stacks for Muscle Building

The best way to use supplements to speed up the muscle building process is by continually rotating your supplement stacks. For example you could start out using Diesel Fuel Creatine, BioRhythm Juice and Muscle Sport Beta Revolution for forty days and then cycle to Muscle Sport Lean Revolution, Muscle Sport Test Revolution, Mass 600 and Humano Growth.

The idea is to switch product combinations frequently enough to keep your body from adapting to what you are taking but not change too frequently which would result in less than optimal results. The other consideration especially with any hormonal products is the possibility of setting off a negative feedback loop in the body causing it to diminish natural production of hormones. This is primarily and issue when using products that elevate hormone levels.

If you break down the supplementation of the most successful athletes they typically use a process similar to what I have described above. This helps them to continually make progress and not get stuck in a rut or plateau. We usually recommend sticking with a product stack for between 30 and 60 days after which time you should make some changes to your supplementation. Keep in mind that items like protein, multi vitamin and essential fats should viewed as food. You need to take these all of the time and they don’t really need to be changed.

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The other topic I would like to address is why product stacks or combinations are more effective than using individual products. Sometimes it is nice when first trying a product to use it by itself for the purpose of assessing its effectiveness. However if you are looking to get maximum results you should be putting products stacks together that are customized to your fitness goal(s). The logic behind this is to hit multiple muscle building pathways at one time in order to maximize the possibility of strength and growth. Getting stronger and gaining muscle is difficult and your supplementation needs to be well planned for it to provide benefit.