Leif Garrett Is Still Alive At 48: His Original Liver Is Still Holding Up

garrett_mugshotWe have just checked with our sources and Leif Garrett is still alive. Sources say Leif still looks like stir fried shit but he is definitely alive. Garrett has keep his ass out of the news since he was arrested again for possession of narcotics just a few months ago…once again.

Leif’s troubles with drugs dates back to 1979 when he smashed his car drunk and on Quaaludes. Garrett was then arrested in 2005 for possession of cocaine and graduated to a heroin arrest in 2006. Hollywood insiders are surprised Leif is still alive despite decades of drug abuse.

Gary Colman’s death makes us wonder about people like Leif. Gary had three sets of kidneys in his short life. Leif is still working with all of his original organs. Including his original liver. This is not only after years of drug and alcohol abuse but also after a brutal car crash.

Unfortunately for Leif Gary Coleman left behind no usable tiny organs for him. So we are hoping Leif is taking care of the ones he has. Check back with us tomorrow as we plan to keep you updated on the status of this tragic child star.