Could Rosie Huntington Whiteley Or Justin Bieber’s Mom Been On Gary Coleman’s Radar?

rosiehuntingtonGary Coleman, best known for his role as Arnold Drummond on Diff’rent Strokes, has passed on, the passing of Gary Coleman leaves many unanswered questions. One subject the actor was very personal about was his sexuality and dating habits. Current wife Shannon Price was a great companion for Gary Coleman but if Gary was single would this be a different story?

Gary was not the type to be seen with multiple starlets at various night spots. Still we wonder If he had been this kind of man how would it have changed Hollywood? Who would he have been dating and tied to? Would a Gary Coleman sextape eventually leaked to the tabliods?

I have taken a step back and reflected on how Hollywood may have changed if Gary Coleman was a bed hopper. These are the top ten women I think blew their chances. All of these women could had a taste of Gary’s sweet loving. Something tells me Coleman may have had Different Strokes for all of them.

megan-fox-kiss-756Megan Fox – Megan Would have been the perfect choice as a Hollywood escort for Gary Goleman. She could have kept Gary folded up like a transformer in her purse. When she needed someone to walk her down the red carpet she could have brought him out and we would watch Gary unfold like Optimus Prime.

Justin Bieber’s mom – This would have been a match made in heaven. Think about how adorable Justin Bieber is. Now imaging if Gary Coleman and Justin Bieber’s mom made tiny little brown Justin Biebers! They would be cuter than chocolate easter bunnies.

Lindsay Lohan – I don’t think Gary Coleman and Lindsay are a match per se. My thinking is as wasted as Lindsay Lohan gets everybody in Hollywood probably has a shot. I am wondering if Todd Bridges already hit it.

lady-gaga-nude-pictures-5Lady Gaga – I think Gaga and Coleman would have made the perfect power couple. Lady Gaga loves her fashion, Gary would have made the perfect living little dress up doll for her. I think they would have looked perfect wearing matching bumper sticker outfits.

Pam Anderson – If Gary wanted to make a sex tape Pamela Anderson was his woman. Not only did she have her famous sextape with rocker husband Tommy Lee, Pam also had a tape with Celebrity Apprentice winner Bret Michaels. I am sure she would have been more than willing to take one more romp in front of the camera with Gary Coleman.

Natalie Gulbis – The pro golfer beauty and Ben Roethlisberger ex would have made a perfect match for Gary. If Gary was worn down from a long day walking the front 9 in the sun Natalie could tuck him next to her 3 wood and could have her caddy carry Gary the last 9 holes.

Crystal Bowersox – Crystal is just getting her feet wet with the fame game. Gary Coleman would have made a perfect companion to help her navigate the waters of being a young star. Gary could have done double duty not only as an escort for Bowersox but Gary could have also provided security for the young singer. That is if he still had the uniform.

Paris Hilton – As I say I wonder if Gary Coleman did the Hollywood thing if a sex tape would have surfaced. Another great candidate for a sex tape would be Paris Hilton. Paris has show us already on film how she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. I am thinking she could have got the better half of Gary down her throat.

Kit coleman_hasselhoffKendra Wilkinson _ The E! Star is also a sextape expert. It is reported that Kendra’s ex is selling over 20 hours of sex tape footage to a porn company. 20 hours tells me that Kendra is definitely not camera shy. I am thinking with all of that footage getting ready to hit the web giving Gary a little “face” time would have been no problem.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley – Back to the Transformers. Rosie is being called the new Megan Fox. She will be staring in the upcoming Transformers 3. As I stated above Gary would make an awesome Transformer. Rosie could take a model of Kit from Night Rider out of her purse and it could unfold into Coleman on the red carpet. Now that is what I call Hollywood pageantry.