Boston Red Sox Bats Come Alive In Week 8 of TMR Zoo Double Play Contest

scutaro-mainHow do you lead the league in runs scored in any given week? Averaging a little more than 8 runs a game is a good start. This was how the Boston Red Sox won the “most runs cored” category in week 8 of the TMR Zoo Double Play Contest. Marco Scutaro’s 12 runs over six games helped a little too.

The Red Sox scored a total of 50 runs during week 8, wresting the title from the Cincinnati Reds who was tops in that category in both weeks 6 and 7.

You wouldn’t think that the Pittsburgh Pirates could lead anything, considering they are at the bottom of almost every statistical category imaginable, but in week 8, they were the team that allowed the least runs. Of course, having a game rained out helped a little, but I’m sure the Pirates will take what they can get.

Pittsburgh allowed only 17 runs over the course of the week, over 5 games. They faced the Braves, Cubs and Giants in that time frame.

Our two winners are the Boston Red Sox and Pittsburgh Pirates. Did anyone win? Well, one member picked the Sox and one member picked the Pirates. No, it was not the same member. It was the Yankees who were the favorite guess again this week, with 24%, almost a quarter of the field, picking them to score the more runs. The San Francisco Giants were the favorite pitching staff.

Since the correct teams weren’t picked, it means that a new item will be added to the already-oversized prize pack. Check the main prizing page for more details on this week’s added prize and the rest of the prize pack.

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Its now time to enter your week 10 picks. Entering the Double Play contest couldn’t be easier. Essentially, all you need to do is pick two Major League Baseball teams. Using the drop down boxes on the entry page, pick the professional team you think will score the most runs in the upcoming week, then pick the team that will give up the least amount of runs. After you’ve selected your teams, guess the actual number of runs for each category in the fields provided. Each week we will update you on the top scoring teams in the league as well as the teams that allow the least amount of runs.

To win the prize, you must correctly identify the two teams. The scores you entered will be used to break any ties in the Double Play. If nobody can guess the two teams correctly, then no one wins the prize and it rolls over into the next week… and combined with another prize. The longer we go without a weekly winner, the bigger the prize pack becomes. Check the main prizing page to see how big the pot is now.

Once you’ve entered the TMR Zoo Double Play, you are automatically entered into the Jagermeister Grand Slam. If you have correctly guessed the two teams AS WELL as the exact number of runs scored and allowed, you have hit the Jager Grand Slam and win the Jagermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler.

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Remember, you are entering your guess for the UPCOMING week of baseball (6/13/10 – 6/19/10). The entry period for week 10 will close on Saturday at 11:59pm. Good Luck!