Smoking Indonesian Child Joins Beer Drinking Kid In Philadelphia Phillies Fandom

philly-kidsTwo big stories in the news recently have concentrated on some very young individuals participating in activities that only adults are legally allowed to… at least in this country they are.

The media was a buzz when video of a 2-year old Indonesian boy, chain smoking, surfaced on the internet. After further investigation, it was discovered that the boy had a 40-cigarette per day habit. Wonderful. Just this past weekend, during a live broadcast of a Major League Baseball game, a boy that could have been as young as 3 was seen taking several chugs of beer while everyone around him casually watched the game.

After an extensive investigation by this site, it was discovered (via the picture above) that the two troubled young boys share a common character trait… they are both Philadelphia Phillies fans.

No shocker there.

Philadelphians have been known for ages as being brutal sports fans, terrorizing the likes of opposing team fans who dare show up at games… as well as Santa Claus. But up until now, the unruly behavior has been limited to adults. It looks as if this latest generation of Philly fans are starting much, much earlier. We’ve heard rumors that the Indonesian boy has already beaten the shit out of his neighbor, a Dallas Cowboys fan, several times… but we can’t confirm this yet.

Looking at the positive side of things, since the Indonesian boy’s habit was discovered his parents have finally intervened and helped cut his habit down to 15 smokes a day. Currently, child services in Philadelphia is searching for the beer-chugging boy’s family, but have not been successful so far.

Hopefully these interventions curb this de-evolution of the Philadelphia Sports fan.

Rumor has it that Sandra Bullock’s recently-adopted son Louis Bardo has become a Phillies fan. God only knows what he is into already…