FIFA World Cup 2010 Match Preview/Predicitions: United States (U.S.A.) versus England

usa-england-previewIt’s finally here. The kickoff of the 2010 edition of the FIFA World Cup is about to happen in just a few hours. For the past month, the TMR Zoo has been bringing you our very own brand of FIFA Soccer coverage and we will continue to do so throughout the tournament.

We have been very open and honest with our readers throughout this time, fully admitting we know next to nothing about soccer, or football, or futbol… or whatever you call it where you are reading this. We consider ourselves experts on a related subject though… women.

Yes, we’re going to predict this match-up between the US and England based solely on the quality of their women. Ridiculous? Well, look up at the header to see which site you are reading this article. We put all of the Group C countries (USA, England, Algeria and Slovenia) into a gallery and allowed you, our readers, the opportunity to select the top team in the division.

An overwhelming majority, 42% of you, picked the United States the top dog in quality of women. In fact, Algeria finished slightly ahead of England by a single percentage point. Based on our own personal opinion in conjunction with the voting results from our readers, our prediction for this match-up is…

Winner: USA

Review the study material below and feel free to make your own selection via the poll below the gallery. Click any thumbnail image to open the full-sized (hot) pic in a new page.

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