E3 ‘10: Project Natal Officially “Kinect”

project natelProject Natal finally has a name, and it’s not “Wave“. The name of the hardware peripheral is “Kinect“.

Major Nelson Twittered:

Project Natal has been officially named. Introducing Kinect for Xbox 360

Xboxic gets extra points for correctly predicting the name. The site stated back in May:

If it is indeed the new name for Microsoft’s hands-free motion detection camera known as ‘Project Natal’, then it has been aptly named based on a kinetic connection. Kinetic comes from the Greek word “kinesis” for motion, and connect is to become joined or united – combine both together and we have a new word ‘Kinect’.

There’s also rumors that there will be multiple SKUs of Kinect with the priciest version being $189 (a standalone version that won’t require an Xbox 360?)

Let us know what you think of Kinect.

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