United States vs. Slovenia: Preview, Predictions, Fixtures and Odds

USA-1aIs it too early to call a match a must win? The United States had a lack lust draw with England on Saturday. A lucky goal bouncing of of the goalkeeper was their only point in the match. This rested in a draw.

Slovenia had a lack lust draw with Algeria on Sunday. A lucky goal bouncing of of the goalkeeper was their only point in the match. Slovenia lucked into a win.

When asked about the goal Slovenia coach Matjaz Kek said “We scored a goal and that’s what counts in football,”and added “Maybe we pushed a bit harder for the win and wanted it more. It’s Slovenia’s first World Cup victory. We were suffering on the bench. We’re not going to let it change us, though. We’re going to have a little celebration and then get ready for the USA match.”

An Algeria victory and a US loss tomorrow sends The United States to the basement of the Group C standings. This US team is much too good to be looking up as Slovenia and Algeria. Still tomorrow this could quite possibly be the outcome. I feel England is much too good to fall to Algeria. The US will dominate Slovenia, I don’t see this senerio playing out.

The TMR Babe Index has United States over Slovenia 28/8. I am going with The Babe Index this game, I am taking USA by a goal. The odds makers have the United States by a ½ point with the Asian Odds. I feel confident The US will cover.

Our official TMR prediction is The United States by a point. We have not been wrong yet so don’t bet against us.
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