Madden NFL 11 Demo Available- Trailer

As expected, the Madden NFL 11 demo is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.

Hey guys, Yuri B. here to talk to you about our brand new online mode, Team Play.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m one of the designers on the Madden NFL team here at Tiburon and have been working on different versions of Madden NFL since ’08. I know we have released this information already, but I wanted to share with you the thought behind our decision making.

As many of you know, last year we dipped our toes into the online cooperative waters with our Online Co-op feature.  While it served its purpose as a good first attempt and taught us some great lessons, it admittedly needed some more polish to really make it special.  Naturally, for Online Team Play, we started with our co-op mode and took a long hard look at what worked and what didn’t.  Once we had a good idea of what we wanted to keep and get rid of, we set out to evolve the mode into something much more fun and compelling.

Last but not least, you can start a game is by using a Team Play Lobby room.  In the Team Play Lobby you’ll have the choice to either enter one of our pre-defined rooms or create one of your own.  The ability to create your own room is there so that you and your team of friends can match up with another team of friends.  By creating a room with a descriptive name, you can either communicate out the type of team you are or attract the type of team you want to play against.  For example, if you and your friends are Packer fans and you’re looking for a game, you might call your room “GB team here” to attract a team of Bear fans to play against.  Once you have enough people for a game, you can open the Madden Friends List and send an invite to everyone in the lobby room.

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