Howard Stern Show: Staff IQ Test Results

If you are looking for the Round 2 results, as revealed on November 17th, 2010. CLICK HERE

Here is the original article for the first round of IQ test results:

They’ve been hyping it up for weeks and this morning, the results were finally announced. Several members of the Stern Show staff, and a few wack- packers, took an official IQ test which led to weeks of speculation and betting.

Before they were announced, Howard and Robin were furiously taking bets on who would finish ahead of who and who would finish first and last. The common opinion was that Jason Kaplan would have the highest IQ of the group, which also consister of fellow-staffers Sal “The Stockbroker” Governale, Richard Christy, JD Harmeyer, Ralph Cirella, Scott DePace and longtime show producer Gar Dell’Abate. Wack packers Wendy the Retard, Hi-Pitch Eric and Jeff “The Drunk” Currow joined the party and took the test as well.

The results were as follows:


122 – Scott DePace
121 – Gary Dell’Abate
118 – Jason
117 – Richard
112 – Ralph
106 – J.D.
102 – Sal
89 – Jeff The Drunk
66 – Hi-Pitch
61 – Wendy the Retard

It came as no surprise that Wendy had the lowest IQ, based on her name alone, but Hi-Pitch Eric was the subject of great debate earlier in the week with some of the show staff claiming he was retarded and others thinking that he would surprise everyone by having an average IQ. According to the doctors that administered the test, an IQ of 66 represents someone who can’t function on their own.

The rest of the order was not too surprising, but the biggest disappointment to some was Scott DePAce having the highest IQ since it was speculation over his intelligence that started the IQ testing bit in the first place.

I’m sure these results will be the focus of conversation for many weeks to come.

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