C.J. Spiller and Russell Okung Are Finalists in the NFL First Picked/Last Signed Contest

Outside of Sergio Kindle, the Baltimore Ravens’ second-round pick who fractured his skull in a fall down the stairs, only Russell Okung of the Seattle Seahawks and C.J. Spiller of the Buffalo Bills are the only players selected in the entire 2010 NFL draft class that have not signed a contract with their teams. That also makes them the two finalists in the TMR Zoo First Picked/Last Signed Contest.

The contest has been active since the end of 2010 NFL Draft, and we’ve seen thousands and thousands of entries fly in over the past few months. As we had reported previously, until he became the very first opening round draft pick to sign a contract, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys was by far the most popular pick in the contest. It was recently announced that Bryant would be sidelined until at least the regular season with a high ankle sprain.

Between the two remaining players in the contest, Spiller was by far the most popular amongst entrants. 10% of all entries listed him versus the mere 3.2% for Okung. Reports out of Buffalo are that the Bills are making very little progress in signing Spiller, who they hope to contribute at the running back position this year. It is a similar situation in Seattle with nothing new to report with contract talks with Okung. Recently, veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck even chimed in on the situation saying he has no empathy for the rookie considering he was a sixth-round pick himself.

It sounds like the situations are very similar out of both camps, so I can’t help you with any inside tips. So go ahead and make your choices now…

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The First Picked/Last Signed Contest is unlike any other contest you’ve entered before. Entrants are given the opportunity to predict who will be the very last first-round draft pick from the 2010 class to sign with the team that drafted him. Once you have made your choice, you could call it a day and wait until there is only one first rounder unsigned… OR, you can come back tomorrow, and every day up until all but one of the first round draft picks are under contract, and submit your entry again.

That is correct, you can enter EVERY day until there is only one unsigned draft pick remaining. How you wish to enter the contest is your choice. If you think you know exactly who will be the biggest pain in the ass, you can stack the deck and pick the same player every day during the entry period, or you can can try every player still unsigned each day until the end date. Once there is only one unsigned draft pick remaining, we will pull all of the correct entries out of the pool and select an entry at random as the winner. The strategy is yours to decide.

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What do I get when I win the First Picked/Last Signed Contest? The DVD 5-Pack shown below:

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Quantum of Solace: 2-Disc Special Edition, Surrogates, X-Men Origins – Wolverine: 2-Disc Special Edition w/ Digital Copy and Tenure. On top of that, the winner will have his or her choice of ANY prize up for grabs at the TMR Zoo at the time the contest ends.

Once a first round player is signed, we will scratch him from the entry list and limit the field. Keep checking the home or sports page for regular updates on draft pick contract signings.

Good Luck!