The Contest is Over! Seattle Seahawk Russell Okung is the Last Draftee To Sign Contract

It lasted three months and twenty days, and now, finally, the TMR Zoo “First Picked/Last Signed contest is officially over.

The goal was to guess which 2010 NFL First Round draft pick was going to be the LAST to sign a contract with the team that drafted them. Yesterday, only two players remained, C.J. Spiller of the Bills and Russell Okung of the Seahawks. As of this morning, that number was reduced to one as Spiller agreed to a 5-year contract where he can make up to $37M with $20M guaranteed.

The contest immediately ended, but Okung signed shortly thereafter anyway. The Seahawks gave him a 6-year $58M contract, guaranteeing $30M of it. Oh what a different three draft positions make.

We are now in the process of gathering all of the Russell Okung entries and will draw our winner. He or she will be announced shortly.

You can still check out the contest entry page and rules here.